Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Plies Loves The Kids

Its obvious that besides a being a self proclaimed "Goon", Plies is also a giver. He seems to love the kids! Allhiphop is reporting that Plies performed at FAMU this past weekend and while on stage he saw a young girl (11 years old) in the audience and felt that she was too young to hear "Bust It Baby." He gave the lil girl $1000 and asked her to leave, stating that the money was for the girls parents to "take her somewhere nice." Well ain't that commendable of him! Soon as he brings his lil nasty azz to Memphis for a performance I'll have my niece FRONT ROW CENTER!! I'll need my G please LMAO! But forreal, if the artist is smart enough to know their lyrics aren't suitable for children, this ought to be a lesson to some parents that their children shouldn't be allowed to attend certain concerts.

But we know that Plies is a really sweet and giving person, especially when it comes to the little kids. Remember when he gave a little girl his chain at a basketball game a while back? I posted it in case y'all missed it.

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