Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stephon Marbury Crying Video & Lil Duval's Response Video

If you haven't seen the Stephon Marbury crying video you HAVE to check it out! I'm not even gonna front, I was sitting here wondering WTF is going on with dude ROFLMAO. My thing is this.. even if you are having a "come to Christ" moment, what's the point of going out your way to record it and put it on YouTube? I can feel you getting choked up off this song, hell I never make it through listening to it w/o shedding a tear but DUDE. COME ON! This was just way too much, check out the video here ROFLMAO.

Now, if you follow Lil Duval on Twitter you already know how IGNORANT this man is ROFLMAO! Check out his response video that he posted on YouTube LOL.

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