Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tiny, Toya & Kandi

This is why their show had 2.7 MILLION views LOL. They are straight kicking it at their premier party that took place at the beginning of July. They seem to be some really cool ladies. Putting Kandi on ATL HW was a good look, I've never tuned in before but I will most def be catching every show this season. Kandi almost did a full out interview on Tiny LOL. She even had Tiny tell us why Xscape REALLY broke up. Check out the video below. BTW, who the hell tried to sue Toya? LMAO

Awwww man, no Xscape reunion for us!! I think its cool that Tiny and Kandi are still good friends. It's hard to find genuine people these days so I'm sure its even harder in the industry.

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