Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm sure you all have heard Tiny mention (like a million times) her new group, The OMG Girls. Well, the group had their FIRST LIVE performance this past weekend at the South Dekalb Mall in Atlanta. I saw the video of these guys singing to Tiny and Toya on YouTube but I was wondering why LOL. Guess they wanted to join in with all the other singing. Check the pics and video below.

The OMG Girls

Reginae already signing autographs

The proud moms & reality stars... Tiny & Toya

Showing off The OMG Girls pics

Tiny & her daughter Zonnique

One question.. WHO THE HELL IS THEIR STYLIST? I want them FIRED! My guess is Kesha (the one in those purple tights)

Kandi came out to show her support and brought her daughter Riley. They (Tiny & Kandi) seem to be so supportive of one another

I'm really anxious to see what these girls sound like. What about y'all?

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