Thursday, July 30, 2009

Joe's Jabbing Again

Joe Jackson is just so freaking camera happy! He'll say anything as long as it gives him a reason to be seen. In an interview with TV One, Joe Jackson is speaking out about Omer Bhatti, the supposed 25 year old love child of his son Michael.

Yes Joe, Omer could pass for a Jackson (after surgery maybe). I do not believe for one second that Omer is Michael's child. The way Michael LOVED the two that weren't even biologically his, I doubt that he would have hidden his own child. Plus according to Omer said himself that he is NOT Michael's son. Lot's of people were quick to believe the story because Omer was seated with the family at the M.J. Memorial. Omer stated that he was given a front row seat at the memorial because he was Michael's "best friend" and "like a son to him" not because his mother had an affair with him in 1984. Now I don't know about the rest of y'all, but if I were Michael's child I sure as hell wouldn't be lying about it LOL.

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